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Misconceptions on OWCP Medical Restrictions

By In Uncategorized On August 3, 2020

Most people have a misconception on what they can and cant do while they have an open Federal Workers Compensation claim. People often get confused or mislead on what there restrictions are. Your doctor will order you on what he or she thinks is harmful for your health. Such as limited job and personal duty’s. Now that does not mean you need to stop preforming everyday life necessary task.

Most normal daily task all fall under the personal off the job duty category. Such things as walking your dog, Lawn-care, Taking out the garbage, etc. often times people with open claims are told not to do such things by the agencies that employ them. They are scared into believing that if they do such things there owcp benefits will be terminated.

Do not ever think your are alone. When you have a open Federal Workers Compensation case you are always being watched. The injured workers agency’s are always out to get you. They will try to catch the injured worker going against there doctor ordered medical restrictions by video taping them doing duty’s or task. They then obtain the injured workers CA-17 form (Duty Status Report) and compare with what the doctor did or did not restrict them of. That is a technique that they use to prove the injured worker is there for not injured and then proceed to try to terminate the workers OWCP benefits terminated.

You might be upset at the fact that people are following you. Which is understandable. I would be too. In case you were wondering why you are being followed and video taped, here is the explanation why. The reason is that lost work days because of on the job injuries will affect the agency’s budget directly, and also the supervisors bonuses.

With that being said bonuses play a big part in this whole process. Annual performance bonuses are distributed based on a few factors. One of the key factors that can swing the decision on a bonus is how much that Amgen you is paying out on Federal Workers Compensation cases. Because of this factor is why you will see the agency’s pulling out all the stops and tricks in the books to prove the workers is not injured.

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