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By In Uncategorized On September 16, 2020

Many times injured federal workers that have been injured on the job have reoccurring injury’s when an employee has an issue like this, they need to fill out a OWCP CA-2a form. (Link attached in our forms page.) Below are some examples of these injuries.

  • When a normal work related task becomes even harder to do because of a or in conjunction with an existing injury.
  • When you feel like your pre-existing work related injury gets worse or intensifies.
  • When a work related injury goes away or alleviates and all of a sudden starts to hurt or ache again.

If your case is closed you will need to re-open it with the Department of Labor. Now before you fill out the OWCP CA-2a you have to have a CA-1 form already filled out. Now if the injury is a new injury you have to fill out a CA-1 form. If an injured employee has a reoccurrence of pain because of a preexisting injury an that case happens to be closed, They would then need to visit there doctor to get a medical evaluation done and have a medical report stating that there current health problems are indeed from there preexisting case.

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