M & R Therapy Center

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Welcome to M&R Therapy Center

Here at M&R Therapy Center we are a Pain Rehabilitation Center that focuses on the treatment and rehabilitation of Federal Injured workers and Auto Accident victims.

Our goal is to get our patients the proper treatment needed for them to be able to return to work or to partake in every day life activities with little to no pain. We have a fully trained staff to assist our physicians and therapist with the rehabilitation process.

We have practiced Federal Workers compensation medical claims since 2012. We have treated hundreds of federal workers since then. We work hand in hand with many Federal workers compensation attorneys throughout the country. Our physicians knowledge in this field is off the charts. From our scheduled awards to the details of our medical reports.

Our Personal Injury department is like no other. We have been treating and rehabilitating Auto Accident victims since 2007. We work with the best attorneys in the Tampa Bay Area to make sure you not only get the treatment you need but that you also have the right legal representation.