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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

At M&R Therapy a Doctor of Physical Therapy will assess your functional deficits & complaints of pain creating a plan of care individualized just for you. Physical Therapists are experts in the examination and treatment of orthopedic and neuromuscular problems with a goal to improve the function and overall quality of life of the patient. Our experienced clinical staff covers a broad range of therapeutic services. Along with modalities such as Ultrasound, Electric stimulation, Paraffin, and hot/cold therapy to manage pain levels.   We strive to maintain a friendly and fun environment to enhance rehabilitation at M&R Therapy. We will assist you in regaining the motion, strength, and function needed to return you to the things you love to do.


Physical therapists are trained to assess your condition and help you regain maximal functional mobility and independence. They use a variety of treatment modalities and techniques to help you move better and feel better; treatment is very personalized